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New Single edge (Traditional) tool.

$199 Variable edge Stainless steel STARR tool, instructional CD and treatment creme.
Some people like a small treatment edge and some people like a bit larger edge. This tool has a variable narrow (1/16") to a 3/16" contact edge. If the small edge at 45 degrees (3/16") is not giving enough feedback, move the tool toward 90 degrees and the contact edge gets smaller/sharper providing more feedback. If your patient is experiencing too much discomfort at 90 degrees (1/16" edge) move the tool closer to 40 degrees (3/16" edge) for a more comfortable/tolerable treatment without switching tools. I have found that the narrow edge works best for detection and the 3/16" edge works best for deeper treatment.

Both edges are 45 degrees. One edge is 1/8" and the other is 3/16". When you hold the tool at 90 degrees the edge is 1/16". The edges are polished for a smooth transition and treatment.   

"The Starr Tool I have discovered has delivered a superior outcome to chronic patients where all other prior treatments had failed. The instrument and overall technique allow for the facilitation of healing by breaking up old scar tissue and adhesions to generating fresh new blood circulation to the offending areas, thereby helping to correct and alleviate aberrant movement patterns from adaptive compensation over time. - Casey Bearden, Nashville Spine & Disc
Variable edgeVariable edge
Variable edgeVariable edge

This package will give you everything you need to start treating patients with IASTM. Spend 1 hour watching the videos and reading the introduction then start practicing. Why give up your weekend and thousands of $$$$?

This is what you get:

1. One, Variable edge stainless steel, STARR Tool (Pat. US D683,862 S). I guarantee this tool will not break with normal use for as long as you have it! Provided you did not use it for a pry bar or hockey puck. Just send me the broken tool and I will send you a replacement ASAP.

2. All instructions/videos come on one CD. 7 page MS word document with pictures and diagrams. The intro document covers general treatment protocols for the neck, upper traps, mid back, Low back/SI joint, plantar fascitis, inversion sprain/strain, shin splints and the knee.

3. Six Videos: The videos are generic and not specifically for the variable edge tool. cervical, upper traps, low back/SI joint, knee, ankle (Inversion sprain) and the foot (plantar fascitis). This is a home (non-professional) video of me treating my wife. It is in WMV format and will play on Windows media player or many other video players. I recommend VideoLAN (Included on CD) If you want to use something small, fast and free of advertising, cost and all the other stuff that MS packs into it's player try it. www.videolan.org Unfortunately it will not play on most DVD players. It covers the most common complaints I see in my office. Each part is about 3-4 minutes long.

4. A few helpful articles from Dynamic Chiropractic relating to IASTM.

5. Skin lube for Graston/IASTM treatment. Helps the tool glide over the skin giving you better feedback and your patient a more comfortable treatment.

Have any questions?? Chances are they will be answered in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). You can always email me

Whip out your credit card and flex that plastic muscle!

The tool actually looks better then the pictures. It is polished to a mirror finish and I am far from a professional photographer so the pictures I take are not the best.

 Orders shipped in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii.

 $199 Variable edge Stainless steel STARR tool, instructional CD.

Orders shipped outside the U.S. Do NOT use the "buy now" buttons above.

Please send me an email (gr8doc AT gmail DOT com) for shipping rates. The average cost is about $28.




Who the heck are you??? How do I know this is not a scam and I will get what I pay for????

I buy a lot of stuff on the net and sometimes I checkout a site before I pay them. The best way is to ask someone you know who has ordered from the site how their experience was.

First, Google the web site and/or product. See if their is any negative or positive feedback about the product, service or web site.

Use a credit card that offers protection for online purchases.

Call the phone number listed on the web site or send them an email and see how helpful they are and how long it takes them to reply.

Want to ask a question or speak to me before ordering? Send me an email. I will email you my phone number if you would like to talk in person.