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Single edge (Graston) tool.  Variable Edge Tool 

IASTM (Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization) is one of, if not the most, effective way to treat soft tissue dysfunction. There are only 3 main providers of the tools and education needed to become proficient in this treatment technique. Performance Dynamics (www.astym.com), TherapyCare Resources Inc. (www.grastontechnique.com) and Carpal Therapy Inc. (www.sastm.com). They provide premium training and instruments at a "premium" price.  If you have wanted to learn the Graston Technique®, ASTYM® or SASTM but are not ready to spend thousands of dollars to see how IASTM will benefit you and your patients. The STARR (Scar/Soft Tissue Adhesion, Restriction, Release) tool is for you. Now you can learn IASTM in the comfort of your home or office in just a couple of hours! Why spend thousands of dollars and sacrifice your weekends to learn another technique you may or may not like? After using the tool in your practice you can always further your education by attending a SASTM, ASTYM or Graston seminar.  

Why should you be using IASTM?  Graston Technique: A Necessary Piece of the Puzzle. and Applying the Graston Technique: An Update.

Graston Technique on Action News   New Research Regarding Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization.

Check out the new variable edge tool. A small (Focused) edge and a large round edge with everything in between.

 Variable edge tool

New single beveled edge tool. This is a traditional design tool with one beveled treatment edge. Special price $99!

What is the STARR Tool? (Pat. US D683,862 S)                       

Swiss Army Knife of IASTM tools.The Swiss Army Knife of IASTM tools that comes with instructions and demonstration videos for only $129. Why buy 4-5-6 tools when one will do the job? Stop switching tools in the middle of treatment just because you need to use a different shape edge. All you really need is a simple straight edge, a convex and concave surface. You also get 2, different size, small convex curves for treating small areas or performing cross friction to individual ligaments. Each side of this tool has a treating edge. I looked at what part of the tool contacts the patient during treatment and realized that the beveled edge did not serve any purpose. So I decided to make 2 different treatment edges. One side is slightly rounded (standard) and the other is more rounded. Use the more rounded edge for patients who do not like the standard edge or for low pain threshold patients and/or first time IASTM patients.


Recommended to use with the Bulletproof Knees program by Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, USAW www.robertsontrainingsystems.com

Watch Graston treatment videos on Youtube.

STARR Tool makes adding IASTM to your practice easy and affordable. The low cost makes it quick and easy to recover the cost and generate profit.

Add a new income stream to your practice. Warren Hammer, DC, MS, DABCO article IASTM and income!

"I run a sports injury practice and soft tissue therapy has been a very important part of my treatment plan. Numerous athletes seek my services specifically because I do more than just chiropractic adjustments. Combining chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue therapy produces spectacular results.

 However, after years of performing manual soft tissue therapy I began experiencing pain in my hands and fingers. The Starr IASTM has allowed me to continue to set my practice apart from all the other chiropractic and physical therapy practices, without damaging my hands and fingers.


Plantar Fasciitis, Lateral Epicondylitis, Patellar Tendonitis, Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, the Starr IASTM treats them all."


Dr. Jeffrey Banas

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

USA Certified Triathlon Coach


Stop referring your patients out for "deep tissue therapy".  

Patients feel the results on their first visit. Significant subjective and objective improvement after only 1 treatment.

You will be able to find and effectively treat the source of your patients soft tissue pain.

"Thank you so much for making this tool so affordable! I had always been interested in learning a IAST technique but could not force myself to pay the ridiculous money to take the courses/buy the tools. I’ve been using the STARR tool for a couple months now and I’ve been blown away by some of the results I’m getting with chronic soft tissue issues."

Loretta Sandy DC, CCEP

Using the STARR tool will save wear and tear on your fingers, hands and wrist.

Easy to hold and use when it gets greasy.

Much easier on you then manual methods of soft tissue mobilization. (Reduce your risk of osteoarthritis)

STARR Tool saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase expensive equipment and training.

Become known as the soft tissue pain relief expert in your community.

Get another tool to help your chronic pain patients.

Another USP (Unique Selling Point) to add to your practice and marketing.

Increase referrals as grateful patients tell their friends about your new treatment.

Provide an alternative treatment that other clinics do not offer.

Expand your practice by providing services to new markets. Sports injuries.