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Order the new $99 single bevel aluminum tool here.

Single bevel aluminum STARR tool and instructional CD only $99.

This package will give you everything you need to start treating patients with IASTM for only $99.00. Spend 1 hour watching the videos and reading the introduction then start practicing. Why give up your weekend and thousands of $$$$?

This is what you get:
1. One, Aluminum beveled edge, STARR Tool (Pat. US D683,862 S). This tool has the traditional beveled edge. There is only one treatment edge. I guarantee this tool will not break with normal use for as long as you have it! Provided you did not use it for a pry bar or hockey puck. Just send me the broken tool and I will send you a replacement ASAP.
2. All instructions/videos come on one CD. 7 page MS word document with pictures and diagrams. The intro document covers general treatment protocols for the neck, upper traps, mid back, Low back/SI joint, plantar fascitis, inversion sprain/strain, shin splints and the knee.
3. Six Videos: cervical, upper traps, low back/SI joint, knee, ankle (Inversion sprain) and the foot (plantar fascitis). This is a home (non-professional) video of me treating my wife. It is in WMV format and will play on Windows media player or many other video players. I recommend VideoLAN (Included on CD) If you want to use something small, fast and free of advertising, cost and all the other stuff that MS packs into it's player try it. www.videolan.org Unfortunately it will not play on most DVD players. It covers the most common complaints I see in my office. Each part is about 3-4 minutes long.
4. A few helpful articles from Dynamic Chiropractic relating to IASTM.

Aluminum single bevel tool
Aluminum single bevel tool

Single bevel tool