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 New Single edge (Traditional) tool.

                      The new EZ-Grip gold anodized tool.


The hole in the center makes it easy to hold the tool even when it gets covered in massage crème during treatment.









This is a 30 YO female who was hit in the left side of her head with a baseball bat 10+ years ago. Since then she has had complaints of headaches, TMJ pain, right arm paresthesia, neck and upper back pain. Her traps felt like there was "bubble wrap" in them. She has had a great response to manual adjustments and STARR treatment. This is after her first treatment and is typical for chronic patients. 



This is a 25 year old male who had a bullet wound to his right leg in 2004. He had complaints of slight pain with walking increasing to moderate when running (playing soccer). He had a very low pain threshold for the first treatment and I could only use light pressure. This was enough to eliminate the slight pain when walking but the more intense pain when running was the same. I was able to increase the pressure the second and third treatment. This was enough to almost eliminate the pain when running. The boxes show the entry and exit wound scars.